Saturday, July 9, 2011

new shoes

Hello you guys, sorry being out so for long time, i ´ve been in exams!!!, but i passed everything so am really happy, so this post i wanted to share with you about my new shoes, haha there the normal black shoes you must have in your  wardrobe , i love them i bought them on sale in Zara =) , so am so happy about it.  I have to say this new cd from Adele am so obsess with her . Anyways thank you for reading =) 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

you are the only one who makes me smile

Hello, so yesterday i went to my best friend birthday party, at first we had a little meeting in the house with all of the closest friend and later on we went to club K, somehow i coudn´t have a great time, cuz i was constantly thinking that this guy i meet long time ago was going, but i guess it wasn´t faith he din´t had to go , i kinda got me really sad about it, but anyways Ce la vie, My question is why woman are constantly thinking that faith could reunite us with someone you like. So lately everything has gone a little bit normal, school is lame haha, and somehow i wish it would be over now, i want agoust or december to come, so exited =), my best friend from cuba is coming.  =)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

welcome back for me haha

Hiiii you guys i have disappear, but i just got into my first year of school, it´s completely difficult i have no time for anything, am sorry am gonna try keeping in touch. Well this our some photo´s my friend Camila made, i though there were cute, and i wanted to share with you guys, tomorrow i will post a better post, but i have no time, cuz am starting exams haha. Miss blogging so much =)