Saturday, July 9, 2011

new shoes

Hello you guys, sorry being out so for long time, i ´ve been in exams!!!, but i passed everything so am really happy, so this post i wanted to share with you about my new shoes, haha there the normal black shoes you must have in your  wardrobe , i love them i bought them on sale in Zara =) , so am so happy about it.  I have to say this new cd from Adele am so obsess with her . Anyways thank you for reading =) 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

you are the only one who makes me smile

Hello, so yesterday i went to my best friend birthday party, at first we had a little meeting in the house with all of the closest friend and later on we went to club K, somehow i coudn´t have a great time, cuz i was constantly thinking that this guy i meet long time ago was going, but i guess it wasn´t faith he din´t had to go , i kinda got me really sad about it, but anyways Ce la vie, My question is why woman are constantly thinking that faith could reunite us with someone you like. So lately everything has gone a little bit normal, school is lame haha, and somehow i wish it would be over now, i want agoust or december to come, so exited =), my best friend from cuba is coming.  =)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

welcome back for me haha

Hiiii you guys i have disappear, but i just got into my first year of school, it´s completely difficult i have no time for anything, am sorry am gonna try keeping in touch. Well this our some photo´s my friend Camila made, i though there were cute, and i wanted to share with you guys, tomorrow i will post a better post, but i have no time, cuz am starting exams haha. Miss blogging so much =)

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've watched this film for about ten times is facinating, i just love it, especially because of Anna Wintour she is such an icon in the fashion world absolutely love her.

Well today i went to Kosiuko an Argentina's clothing exclusive store , they have really cute and pretty clothes and some things were on sale today  and i felt in love with one of the dresses. I went straight to my mum and begged for like an hour and finally she got it from me am so in love with it It's soft earth pink,  and you can match it up with a nice brown belt, because this summer the belt on the waist in one the main accessories that we will see on the street and on the stores windows so its pretty nice. Hopefully i put up some pictures for you next time, the problem is that my camera is not working so i told my dad to get it fix and he is always last minute, so i guess i will have to borrow his camera. Also am saving money to buy a professional camera, cuz am in love with photography i love taking pictures of everything every time i got out, so you can imagine how hard this last months without camera. But also i can blame myself cuz I've been studying so much for my University test that i didn't have time to ask my dad all time about getting my camera fix. So i think when i come back from Chile i will have my camera and put up some new pictures. Also i want to ask your opinion what camera should i get the Nikon d3100 or the Canon t2i???Hope you guys answer and help me cuz am really troubled about it.

Well hope you like the last post. I put a lot of heart in to it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lanvin Lanvin Lanvin Feveeeeer!!!

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Yes you guys you have seen this post in many blogs before, but is unforgettable to mention this great artist of the modern design . We are taking about non-other than LANVIN yessssssss!!! The exquisit look on this fabulous new design that Lanvin brought has amazed my eyes. The textures, the vivid colors, the elegantmodels of the new line is amazing? I got really amazed by them. Are they lovely ? aren't they so iresistable?.???This new collection is only available in certain countries, basically because the store H&M is not everywhere. The prices go for a T-Shirt 29 to 39 Euros , coats and jackets from  99 to 299 euros , In dresses we can find very colorful  they will have a price from 129 and the typical Little Black dress we can find it for 199 Euros. Adorable skirt design around 49.95 Euros. Shoes 99 Euros. Also many clutches from 29 to 39 Euros. We can't forget also the accessories  where the price will range around19.95 up to 49.95 Euros. So the prices will go around 19 to 299 Euros and that is 400 dollars. Well it's really cheap discussing a dress from Leaving where we can find other models or design highly expensive for our budget. Here in South America unfortunately we don't have H&M, i mean you can find some clothes in some stores that are H&M but no the store itself and its a real pity because is such a beautiful line . Not only because now Lanvin has join in with this amazing collection. But some clothes are really cheap if we are taking about a designer clothing and easy to wear. We also can find extravangant clothes in H&M but mostly everything is nice and easy to wear. YES THEY ARE !

Monday, November 29, 2010

fashion for summer 2011!!!

Well i change my language to English, because most of the people who look through blogs speak English... so it's better for you guys to understand, mainly in this post i will talk about summer in south america, most of you already know because everything that is now in fashion in summer it already came out in summer of 2010 in Europe or United State. So here it goes.

What's important to contrast about summer 2010 /2011 ...
The catwalk shows a lot of  ethnic looks (tribal prints, handcrafted accessories), geometric, retro cowboy (jeans denim and gardeners), romantic (ruffles, pastels), nude, military, lolita (lingerie on demand) ... no shortage of contrasts and the extravagance, achieved mainly by the combination of styles. All clothes have an air of fun and the premise is to be the same without thinking so much about the standards of dress.
XS Portfolios.The mini purse is back as everything has pros and cons. As Pro, no longer have to carry the maxi bags weighing us tons. And as the Contras, and we can not get everything inside  the purse. To be fashionable this season XS inevitable portfolio.On the catwalks of Paris, we can see the shorts or hot pants.   In this case, we see sophisticated yet casual looks combined with fitted white shirt and blazer, and informal.Tops and jacket more vivid colors are also a feature of This season, either in printed and plain, leggings or accessories .Finally, we see the dots, a pattern that never gets old if you do not abuse it: a chic look.The central models have stripes and neon colors, following bold line. The most popular colors are pink, orange, blue and greens . The Boyfriend Shirt or Boyfriend Jean and now it was time to Boyfriend Blazer.Maxi Dresses. Arrive Baggy Pants or slippers at its most glamorous.  A lot of flowers patterns. And especially animal prints.
Well here I will show you pictures from one of my favorite store ''AYRES'' , it's from Argentina, i think there are amazing. Tragically in Chile there isn't one :(, so i can only buy from Paraguay where am living right now. This brand is very exclusive like another one from Argentina JAZMIN CHEBAR. They have really nice and gorgeous clothes.






Jazmin Chebar


So here you go guys some stores that I LOVE!!! and this is the fashion there is coming for this summer 2010 2011 hopefully you look it too:D byeD