Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lanvin Lanvin Lanvin Feveeeeer!!!

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Yes you guys you have seen this post in many blogs before, but is unforgettable to mention this great artist of the modern design . We are taking about non-other than LANVIN yessssssss!!! The exquisit look on this fabulous new design that Lanvin brought has amazed my eyes. The textures, the vivid colors, the elegantmodels of the new line is amazing? I got really amazed by them. Are they lovely ? aren't they so iresistable?.???This new collection is only available in certain countries, basically because the store H&M is not everywhere. The prices go for a T-Shirt 29 to 39 Euros , coats and jackets from  99 to 299 euros , In dresses we can find very colorful  they will have a price from 129 and the typical Little Black dress we can find it for 199 Euros. Adorable skirt design around 49.95 Euros. Shoes 99 Euros. Also many clutches from 29 to 39 Euros. We can't forget also the accessories  where the price will range around19.95 up to 49.95 Euros. So the prices will go around 19 to 299 Euros and that is 400 dollars. Well it's really cheap discussing a dress from Leaving where we can find other models or design highly expensive for our budget. Here in South America unfortunately we don't have H&M, i mean you can find some clothes in some stores that are H&M but no the store itself and its a real pity because is such a beautiful line . Not only because now Lanvin has join in with this amazing collection. But some clothes are really cheap if we are taking about a designer clothing and easy to wear. We also can find extravangant clothes in H&M but mostly everything is nice and easy to wear. YES THEY ARE !


A said...

I was so excited for this!

The Dressing Stress said...

it is a shame that H&M is not everywhere, i know because my hometown doesnt have H&M as well. but you can always ask a friend to send you some clothes :P the lavin collection is amazing, i wish i could get my hands on something


NOA said...

Beautiful dresses!!! ;D