Friday, December 3, 2010


I've watched this film for about ten times is facinating, i just love it, especially because of Anna Wintour she is such an icon in the fashion world absolutely love her.

Well today i went to Kosiuko an Argentina's clothing exclusive store , they have really cute and pretty clothes and some things were on sale today  and i felt in love with one of the dresses. I went straight to my mum and begged for like an hour and finally she got it from me am so in love with it It's soft earth pink,  and you can match it up with a nice brown belt, because this summer the belt on the waist in one the main accessories that we will see on the street and on the stores windows so its pretty nice. Hopefully i put up some pictures for you next time, the problem is that my camera is not working so i told my dad to get it fix and he is always last minute, so i guess i will have to borrow his camera. Also am saving money to buy a professional camera, cuz am in love with photography i love taking pictures of everything every time i got out, so you can imagine how hard this last months without camera. But also i can blame myself cuz I've been studying so much for my University test that i didn't have time to ask my dad all time about getting my camera fix. So i think when i come back from Chile i will have my camera and put up some new pictures. Also i want to ask your opinion what camera should i get the Nikon d3100 or the Canon t2i???Hope you guys answer and help me cuz am really troubled about it.

Well hope you like the last post. I put a lot of heart in to it.


cathy. said...

I haven't watched that movie yet, I must do that soon :)


minnja said...

Beautiful film :))))


Kristen Leotsakou said...

oh new movie! sounds interesting!
following you! :)


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Loved this movie, Grace Coddington was the stand out person to me.

Inés said...

I haven't got round yet to watch it and I'm dying to!! Thanks so much for your comment :)