Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So i´ve dissapear so much i know,  haha because lately i have been in Chile partying a lot, and  going out everynight i barely use my computer... so this is one of my outfits i used the other day for the bbq in my friends house, because Chile was playing vs Brazil, tragically they lost, but still they classificated, but  3 days later they lost against Brazil.. Hope you like them:)}

So most of the things am wearing are brands unknown...:) except the skirt that is Nicopoly a chilean brand, that is so fucking awsome , they have a lot of things i love, most of them are latest things, like forever 21, everything is fashion...

So today was extremely normal, i woke up like at 1 and my aunt cooked lasaña my favorite dish , i love it, i could just eat  4 to 5 peaces haha, after that we went to the mall to look for some clothes for my aunt that she is leaving on the 14 to Paraguay, Awsomeeeeeee hahahha!!!... anddddddddd then just stayed here all day:):):).. i was going to my grandparents house, but it was fucking freazing!!! and rainy damnnnn hahahha

 well that has been most of my day, i miss my baby Raul, haha i met him one week ago and i don´t know we are like unseperable!!!!:)



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